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Props{AMC} is a Real Estate Insights & Asset Monitoring Platform. Props{AMC} is a Subscription as a Service (SaaS) solution, which helps individuals, corporates & enterprises to organize their own or their client’s real estate holdings and investments on a single, integrated, intuitive, transparent and secure cloud-based interface.
The platform is built for creating transparency and financial inclusion of every physical asset. Props{AMC}'s value proposition is to make real estate holdings & investments in India organized, non-speculative and highly liquid along with dramatically cutting transaction time for all stakeholders in the Real Estate business.


Props{AMC} is India’s 1st integrated real estate portfolio management platform powered by proprietary tools, data and services which enables smart reporting and sharing of information of any Property within a portfolio supported by domain experts.
Real Estate - Asset Owners, Asset Managers, Advisors or Lenders can now have an intelligent dashboard which will change the way one manages, monitors and markets their real estate asset.

  1. Real Estate{Suite} -Portfolio Management Platform - Get your diverse portfolio of real assets onto one dashboard. With the help of Props{AMC} tools consolidate and analyse your data on one platform and gain 360-degree insights and clarity into the performance of your assets across your portfolio to make strategic decisions.
  2. A comprehensive real estate management suite customised for:

    1. asset owners who have multiple properties, and
    2. asset managers who manage multiple client’s financial assets

    The product also has an in-built ticketing module to service legal, technical, valuation and transaction needs of users which is delivered through internal and external licensed domain experts

  3. Zone {Analytics} -Integrated Data Platform - Get insightful, not so easily accessible data & information being aggregated on ‘Property Rights’ and ‘Market Transactions’ through our GIS platform.

Props{AMC} has 2 types of charges depending on product subscribed:

  1. Subscription Fee – every user is charged based on Pricing Plan and no of users.
  2. Service Fee – is charged on case to case and depends on the category of services taken from the domain expert. The subscription supports services by highlighting deficiencies in information and property rights.

Any refunds are completely at the discretion of the management of Props{AMC}.


Yes, Props{AMC} is a secured and certified environment while using digital encryption to ensure data and information is exclusively secured. Props{AMC} follows various standard operating procedures which helps you to define your own access control with whom you would like to share your secured data. The enterprise version has also taken necessary stress tests to ensure protection of data and privacy.


Props{AMC}’s platform can be used anytime by anybody for administration, record-keeping, analyzing and monitoring of their real estate assets. While its management tools help you organize your portfolio with insights, its transactional tools help in giving in-depth, unbiased & focused information on legal, technical and valuation. Props{AMC}’s platform will change the way one owns, values, manages, monitors and markets their real estate holdings or investments.


Props{AMC} from time to time will look at the applicable regulations in the country under which it operates and will apply for license, if any, for complied business operations.