Real Estate {Suite}

The asset management platform

Manage, Monitor & Market your property portfolio on a single intuitive dashboard

The first-of-its-kind property asset management platform in India, to help asset owners and managers manage, monitor and market properties to their fullest capacity.


Simplify how your property assets can be managed with intuitive experiences using a powerful engine with automated process to achieve your management, digitization, financial, monitoring and marketing goals.

Transform your real asset management experience with a single platform.

Real Estate {Suite} is an agile and customizable solution for every user - individual to a corporate to a lender to an advisor. The platform has cracked the best in the world asset management practices on one intuitive platform to cut transaction time dramatically.

With industry-first real portfolio management tools, Real Estate {Suite} offers asset owners and managers with all the essential tools, data and services they need to manage the most unorganized asset {property}, valuable and liquid.


Performing Portfolio / User Portfolio

The industry-first tool to help you better assess and evaluate your properties financial performance / Helps the user priorities the enforcement action while keep a track on the TAT and approvals.


Income & Expense Calculator

Store and auto-calculate your accurate property returns by using smart financial tools.


Document Management

Store and manage all your property documents in one space and access them anytime, anywhere. / Storing relevant property document, SOA, Foreclosure statement, internal documents and automated notices at one place with access control surely is efficient.


Property Ledger / Delivery Tracker

Monitors every outgoing and incoming expense of your properties. / Automation of notice delivery tracker including maintaining exception rack to ensure all steps are remotely.


Property Snapshot / Agile Hierarchy

Know everything you need to know about your properties on a single industry-leading property snapshot. / Making various departments and stakeholder work together on a tracking based system making it efficient and credible without manual inferences.


Financial Asset Comparison / Third Party Activation

With our industry-first integrated yield and XIRR calculator, compare your properties with your financial investments. / Auto intimation and action to third party for valuation, inspection, notice delivery, site visits and many more for minimizing high volumes and co-ordination.


Showcase Property / Internal Report

Market your real estate asset to the right customer in the most compiled manner. / Enabling swift action of the NPA cases by generating customized reports for management decision making.


Service Request / Agile Integration

"Achieve high marketability quotient for your properties with our in-house & external credible domain experts. / enforcing capabilities to integrate with internal and external system to work efficiently".

By using Real Estate {Suite} you can gain upto 60% ROI

Use Cases

Wealth Management Firms

Financial inclusion of real estate into their client’s investments

  • Tech-enabled platform to link RMs client’s properties and manage like any other financial investment
  • New tangible assets for an AUM and service led business
  • Creating opportunity of RMs to manage a larger portfolio of wealth
  • Enabling methodical investment advice to real estate holdings
  • Local domain expert support and services
HNIs Corporates

Simplifying the overall management of a complex and diversified asset class for better control and monitoring

  • Digitization of multiple properties on one dashboard
  • Sequence documents with cursory diligence
  • Creating ledger based on purchase & periodic income and expenses
  • Creating a financial performance dashboard of each asset
  • Lease management
  • Litigation tracker
  • Marketing property
  • Domain expert on demand
For Lenders

Non performing assets monitoring and workflow management

  • Manage an integrated real estate loan book with over 1000 variables
  • Enforcement module to cut process time
  • Digitization of property pictures with high quality image / VR
  • Enabling notice tracking and delivery
  • Agile hierarchy for quick approval

Manage, Monitor & Market your property portfolio on a single intuitive dashboard

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