Props{AMC} - FAQs


Q1. What is Props{AMC} ?

Props{AMC} is a Real Estate Insights & Asset Monitoring Platform.

 Props{AMC} is a subscription and software based platform, which helps individuals & enterprises to organize their own or their client’s real estate holdings and investments on a single, integrated, intuitive, transparent and secure cloud based interface.

Props{AMC}'s value proposition is to make real estate investments in India transparent, non-speculative and highly liquid along with dramatically cutting transaction time for all stakeholders in the Real Estate business.


Q2.  What differentiates Props{AMC} ?

Props{AMC} is a platform powered by proprietary tools and service which enables smart reporting and sharing of information of any immovable asset or real estate backed securities with its stakeholders.

Real Estate - Asset Owners, Asset Managers, Advisors or Lenders can now have an intelligent dashboard which will change the way one manage, monitor and markets their real estate holding/s or investments


Q3. What do you mean by Immovables, Real Estate Backed Securities (REBS), Asset, Asset Owner and Asset Manager?


Q4. Is my personal or my client’s information safe?

Yes, Props{AMC} uses secured and certified environment while using digital encryption to ensure data and information is exclusively secured. Props{AMC} follows various standard operating procedures which helps you to define your own access control with whom you would like to share your secured data. The enterprise version have also taken necessary stress tests to ensure protection of data and privacy.


Q5. Does Props{AMC} help in facility management or property management or brokerage services?

No, Props{AMC} doesn’t help in facility management or property management or brokerage services for any immovable asset.


Q6. Does Props{AMC} have domain experts like legal, valuator, architect, liaising, other experts?

Yes, Props{AMC} empanels & employs real estate domain experts with credible background in every city. Each domain expert could be an individual or an organization with significant work experience and track record in real estate.


Q7. What if the domain experts give opinion or information, which can be challenged or not accurate?

Props{AMC} does not give opinion or advise on any matter. It is only a platform for integrated data and information, which is engineered to make smart decisions. However, Props{AMC}’s continuous endeavor will be to clear discrepancies or doubts and take corrective measures.


Q8. How does one connect with these domain experts?

A subscriber can use the Service Request tool to connect with domain experts for specific requirement at a cost.


Q9. How does Props{AMC} charge its clients?

Props{AMC} has 3 types of subscription plan for an Asset Owner and Asset Manager.  The Basic Plan, the Advanced Plan and Business Plan. All plans can be used by a single user only. Any plan subscription fees depend on number of assets and tools which are being used by the subscriber. Any subscriber can switch to any better plan at any given point of the subscription period. Subscriber cannot de-grade from the existing plan for the subscription period.

Props{AMC} provides an Enterprise Plan which has an annual software license fee, user fee and AMC fees. This plan will have multiple users and unlimited assets. Any customization demanded will come at an additional cost, depending on scope of work.

Additionally, all plans except Basic plan will have access to Service Request tools at a cost.

Any refunds are completely at the discretion of the management of Props{AMC}.

The Pricing link on website will give more specific details.


Q10. How much data storage is allowed in Basic Plan?

250 MB for Basic Plan. For Advanced Plan - 1GB and Business Plan - 3GB will be provided to each subscriber.


Q11. How credible will be Props{AMC} representation? Can it be used for approvals, loan sanctions and representation to marketers/brokers?

Props{AMC}’s data, report, declarations, representations can be freely shared with anybody by the paid subscriber. Wherever certifications from licensed vendors will be required, Props{AMC} will provide them at cost. Props{AMC}’s endeavor is to bring faster and accurate information through their dedicated real estate domain experts.


Q12. What is the best time to engage with Props{AMC}, pre-transaction or post transaction?

Props{AMC}’s platform can be used anytime by anybody for administration, record-keeping, analyzing and monitoring of their real estate. While its management tools help you organize your portfolio with insights, its transactional tools help in giving in-depth, unbiased & focused information on legal, technical and valuation. Props{AMC}’s platform will change the way one owns, values, manages, monitors and markets their real estate holdings.


Q13. Does Props{AMC} own assets listed on the site?

No, Props{AMC} is a platform for asset owner and asset managers to manage their real estate holdings. Props{AMC} does not own or have any rights over the assets on its platform. Even for showcasing or marketing the assets through its tools, Props{AMC} takes authorization from the asset owners and asset managers.


Q14. How many assets can one manage in his subscription Plan?

The number of assets varies as per subscription plan. For more information please refer the pricing page.


Q15. How long is the subscription valid for? What happens to data after the subscription expires?

The subscription will be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of subscription. Props{AMC} will prompt to renew the subscription before one month prior to the expiry. In case the client doesn’t want to renew, Props{AMC} will de-activate the account and will cease to show the information on its platform from the date of de-activation.


Q16. Will Props{AMC} use the information and data on their platform for analytics?

Yes, Props{AMC} depending on its business need will use information and data for analytics, which will be shared for the benefit of its registered subscribers. Props{AMC} has the rights to commercially use the data which is managed on its own environment. It may be noted that no personal information / data would be shared with any individual or enterprise in India or outside India.


Q17. Does Props{AMC} require any license to operate its business?

Props{AMC} from time to time will look at the applicable regulations in the country under which it operates and will apply for license, if any, for complied business operations.


Q18. What is the difference between “Total Consideration” and “Total Investment” ?

Total Consideration is the sum of amount which one has invested for acquiring a real estate holding while concluding the transaction.

Total Investment is the sum of Total Consideration and net income incurred till date for maintaining the Real estate holding. 


Q19. What is XIRR, Yield, RoC and how it is calculated?

  1. XIRR: XIRR is a return on investment based on actual cash flow over a period of time.
  2. Yield: The yield is the income return on an investment which is usually expressed as an annual percentage rate based on the investment's cost, current market value or face value.
  3. RoC: Return of capital (RoC) is a payment received from an investment that is not considered as income. 


Q20. What financial assets can one compare with real estate assets and how is the calculation done?

Props{AMC} will periodically update the list of financial assets like equity stocks, mutual funds, silver, gold, on its ‘Compare with Financial Asset Tool’ database. The calculation is based on the assumption that when a Real Estate investment is made, the same amount is invested in the different financial assets at the same date. This helps in analyzing the performance of one’s real estate investment vis-à-vis the performance of financial assets for the same period.


Q21. Will Props{AMC} give periodic suggestions / alerts when to sell and when to hold?

Props{AMC} will not suggest selling, buying or holding. It would report relevant information and transaction data at periodic intervals to the Asset Owner or Asset Manager from most credible sources. Props{AMC} endeavor is to bring transparency and cut transaction time dramatically.


Q22. What is ‘Service Request? How does it work?

‘Service Request’ is a specific request for an asset initiated by the AO or AM using “Service Request” tool. The user can select single or multiple service option listed by Props{AMC} on legal, valuation, technical or other matters. On selection, it will prompt the explanation, estimated time and service price in advance. When the Service Request is completed, the user will be prompted on the ‘Notification’ link on their portfolio page.