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PropsAMC makes intelligent and proactive real estate management smooth and seamless to streamline your workflow, ensure compliance, and improve asset monitoring capabilities. Also, PropsAMC’s integrated real estate data diligence platform makes the cumbersome information process far simpler at few clicks!

The Platform

One-Stop-Destination for Real Estate Asset Management & Diligence


Digitize & Assess

Make reliable, informed decisions on the basis of the platform reports with extensive data comparison done through our premium proprietary tools.


Smart Data

Break information boundaries; acquire in-depth integrated data on property rights, micro-market transactions and more, on a unified GIS platform.


Custom Marketplace

Featuring one of its kind diligent marketplace for leasing, sale and auction of properties to discerning customers to cut transaction time dramatically.


Seamless Services

Gain access to domain experts under one platform and avail hassle-free guidance any time.

Advanced, Digitized Platforms to Meet Multi-faceted Real-Estate Needs

Overview: Monitor and manage your real-estate assets through a single integrated platform with Props {AMC}. Our unparalleled solutions and services have enabled us to gain the trust through:

Real Estate {Suite}: Our comprehensive real estate management platform is tailored as per the needs of asset managers and asset owners, while enabling them to save time and optimize the potential of their properties.

Zone {Matrix}: The first-ever, GIS-enabled cutting-edge Integrated data and insights platform of India where you can explore valuable details of commercial, residential and industrial properties, including information about registered transactions, government rates, land records, zoning, reservation, building details and more.

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Providing increased clarity and delivering real time property insights and results

PropsAMC allows you to assess critical real-estate data for better decision-making, lower costs, and total compliance. We aim at ensuring smart financial inclusion with carefully chosen investment assets.

Real Estate {Suite}

Comprehensive Asset Management Platform for HNIs, Corporates, Wealth Firms, Lenders, ARCs and Trust Companies

A pioneering property asset management platform in India that has been especially designed to aid asset owners and managers to systematically, smartly and accurately manage, monitor and market properties to their optimal capacity. Presently we have Real Estate {Manager Suite} for HNIs, Corporates and Wealth Firms and Real Estate {ARC Suite} for Lenders, ARCs and Trust Companies which has:

Zone {Matrix}

One-stop-source for transparent data insights for Valuators, Law Firms, Lenders, Brokers and Home Buyers.

Bringing together real estate data and insights in a single GIS-enabled, unified and easy to understand platform, Zone {Matrix} is designed to transform the way you search for property information and property diligence to make well-informed decisions. Presently we have Zone {Matrix Elite} for valuators, brokers, home buyers, research agencies and Zone {Matrix Pro} for law firms and lenders which has

Ensure Proactive Asset Monitoring. Facilitate Digital Wealth Management. Make Smart Sales.

Find all the transactional information of residential, commercial, industrial, and retail properties at your fingertips.

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Get elaborate details about all the relevant property rights without any hassle.

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Ensure whether a property can effectively meet your space requirements with the advanced Floor Space Index (FSI) calculator.

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Digitally enabled title search of any property cutting search records dramatically for its encumbrances and rights

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An accurate valuation tool which gives instant valuation of any property based on more than 20 parameter based on an algorithm especially built for properties.

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For Wealth Management Firms

Enable clients to make better, faster investment and disinvestment decisions.

PropsAMC empowers wealth managers, engages clients, and augments decision making. We align team and technology to optimize service efficiency and provide clients with accurate information about managing real estate investment that allows their wealth to grow both ways. Maintaining utmost transparency and facilitating client education is also made easy through our tech-enabled platform along with access to domain experts at an efficient cost.

We help you to streamline workflow with a unified management framework, and systematically monitor real estate assets to drive better results.


For HNIs / Corporates

Minimize Risks and Increased Monitoring & Marketability

Diversify your investment portfolio by availing intelligent, actionable insights through PropsAMC. We help you balance risk, monitor wealth, and make managing financials easy with an integrated platform. You can seamlessly track the progress of your property portfolio and identify the most profitable prospects with our assistance.

Through PropsAMC, you can reap optimal investment efficiency by ensuring the maintenance of proper compliance and regulatory regime, acquiring clarity on valuation, and automating upkeep of documents. We also help you to solve any legal or technical issue on marketability and offer professional help and guidance with an organised and scientific approach. Additionally, get single point contact for all needs, access domain experts under one roof.


For Lenders/ARC/Trust Companies

Cutting transaction & process time dramatically through an integrated platform

Eradicate hurdles from manual reporting and monitoring, to help the users to maximise efficiency through various digitization and automated process by bringing TAT at the lowest level. We provide title diligence solution, ARC solution and Auction solution that allows to streamline operations and efficiently monitor portfolios. Through us, one can also take digitization solutions at ground level to support and adherence to compliance and regulatory regime. We support new trading strategies and facilitate organizational agility, to both simplify and amplify the process of lending portfolio management for real estate.


For Valuators / Lawyers / Brokers

Swift transaction data and title reporting for cutting transaction time dramatically

Title reports are typically ordered by real estate investors, attorneys, and title agents. We ensure comprehensive and accurate reporting of titles and transactions. Backed by unmatched proprietary data architecture, PropsAMC would be the ideal destination to discover deals and make prudent property decisions. We help you to leverage refined market data to make the right property investment choices.

Manage, Monitor & Market your property portfolio on a single intuitive dashboard

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