Bhakti Park, Bhakti Park, Mumbai

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₹ 3,25,00,000

This Property is owned by XXXXXXXX . . The Property is owned since March 19, 2013 .

The Residential,Flat, 2BHK is a Under Construction, Freehold property. The property is on a Carpet Area of 994 SQFT, having 1 car park.
The Postal address is XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXX Ajmera i-Land , Bhakti Park , Bhakti Park , Mumbai , 400074 .

The present outstanding loan is INR 2,58,89,754 in favour of Tata Capital Bank, Fort Branch, Mumbai City.


Rent 0
Other Incomes 0


Property Tax 0
Property Maintenance 0
Other Expenses 0

Note*: All figures are in INR
The security deposit obligation stands at INR 0 and Yearly net income is INR 0.

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