"Your Real Estate Portfolio Manager"

Administer your real estate portfolio through a robust technology platform
managed by domain experts

Asset Owner

Owner Associate

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PropsAMC Partner

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  • Record all asset details
  • Manage income and expenses
  • Register your asset-wise service providers
  • Stay updated on your asset portfolio
  • Verify completeness of your ownership
  • Enable periodic valuation
  • Get your property tax slip every year
  • Get asset records, circle rates, applicable stamp duty
  • Compare your leverage to market options
  • Get credit amount on each asset holding
  • Calculate your own equity return
  • Get updates on your credit score
  • Download your “asset card” by Props{AMC}
  • Showcase your verified asset to Props{AMC} subscriber

WHY Props{AMC}

Map your Real Estate Immovables

  • Are all your property documents at one single place? What are their key denominators?
  • Do you know the financial performance of your asset?
  • Do you get periodic valuation of your property?
  • Do you get periodic credible purchase trends in your neighborhood?
  • Do you have access to domain experts at one place?

Map your Real Estate Securities

  • Do you get auto updates on your redemption schedule?
  • Can you map your security cover periodically?
  • Do you have easy access to securities documents?
  • Do you know your rights and when to evoke them?
  • Do you get alerts on non-compliance of your Securities?