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Symphony IT Park

Chandivali, Mumbai

Project Description

PropsAMC is offering a rare opportunity to invest in 1,26,321 sq. ft. of office space, strategically situated Off Chandivali Farm Road, Chandivali. The entire building is 92% leased.

Reasons to invest in the project Symphony IT Park
  • Check Great Value Buy for Powai (Chandivali)
  • CheckMulti tenanted Commercial - IT Development
  • CheckBalance Lock-In Period approx 3 years
  • CheckTenant Profile - Business Processing Outsourcing
  • Check92% leased building + Unutilized FSI
Investment Terms
Maximum Loan


Gross Annual Coupon Rate

INR 30 Lakhs

Min. Investment Amount

Flexible payment

4 Installments/ Year



13.5% -14%

Target XIRR

6-7 Years

Investment Period
Other Investment Benefits
Maximum Loan

Flexible Payment


Loan Available


Lock In

Project Information
Total Land Area 5,475.9 Sq.M
Land Zoning Industrial
No. of Wing/Building 02
No. of Floors G+10 (A Wing)
Development Type IT/ITeS
Building Efficiency 97%
Total Built up Area as per Amended Plan (Wing A) 1,26,321 Sq.Ft.
Tenant Overview
Maximum Loan

Concentrix is one of the largest BPO having a global presence in 40+ countries. It has leased approx. 51,518 Sq.Ft. of built-up area on multiple floors in Symphony IT Park.


Athena is one of the oldest domestic BPOs in India and has 3 operational centres in Mumbai & Bengaluru. It has leased approx. 62,011 Sq.Ft. of built-up area on multiple floors in Symphony IT Park


Maxx Value Hospitality has a few hotels in the affordable segment. It has leased approx. 12,792 Sq.Ft. of built-up area in Symphony IT Park.

Floors Tenant Name Area Occupied (%) Rent Contr. (%)
1 Athena BPO Pvt. Ltd. 20% 18%
3 Athena BPO Pvt. Ltd. 10% 11%
4 Maxx Value Hotels & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. 10% 13%
5 Athena BPO Pvt. Ltd. 10% 9%
6 Concentrix Services India Pvt. Ltd. 10% 12%
7* Vacant 9% 0%
8,9,10 Concentrix Services India Pvt. Ltd. 31% 37%
* Advance lease nagotiation ongoing
Note - Present investment are only on fully leased units

Location & Connectivity

Left to invest

Leased Stage

36 Interests

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Frequently asked questions

The minimum investment amount required is INR 30,00,000 for both upfront payment option as well as for tranche payment option.


The gross annual yield / coupon rate is 8% in both upfront option as well as for tranche option.


The net annual yield / coupon rate is 7.70% for upfront option as well as for tranche option. Net annual yield is net of / post property expenses.


The yield / coupon will be distributed on quarterly basis.


No, there is no lock in period for investors.


As per our forecasted cash flows & seeing the market trends in the commercial market, an investor should typically hold this investment for 6-7 years to maximize the returns. However, it will depend on the Asset Manager who will be actively tracking the investment and then suggest the time of exit depending on the various market trend.


All-inclusive per sq. ft. cost is INR 21,668 for upfront payment and as well as for tranche payment. This includes the unit cost, Stamp duty & registration charges.


138 sq. ft (Built-up Area). Post 138 sq. ft., the investor can invest any amount above the Minimum sq. ft area.


The AMC charges is 1.00% per annum of the total committed amount for both upfront option & tranche option. GST will be charged on the same.


There is no such facility as regards car parking in this opportunity.


Symphony IT Park is a Pre-Leased Commercial Real Estate Property consisting of 2 Towers. Tower - 1 consists of two wings (A & B) having Ground + 10 Floors, whereas Tower - 2 have Ground + 2 Floors. Total Land area is 5,475 Sq. Mtr with CTS Number as 46/1 & 187. The total carpet area of the Property (Wing A) is 1,22,303 Sq. Ft. and the total built-up area as per amended plan is 1,26,321 Sq. Ft. having an efficiency ratio of 97%. The average floor plate is in the range of 12,000-13,000 sq ft. There is unutilized FSI of approx. 1,58,000 sq. ft. as well which the developer will be developing in the next few years.


PropsAMC is offering an opportunity to invest in top 3 Floors of Tower 1, 8th Floor (12,867 Sq. Ft.), 9th Floor (12892 Sq. Ft.) and 10th Floor (12,894 Sq. Ft.) of office space totaling to 38,653 Sq. Ft.


The agreement will be signed between the investor & the SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle).


Tranche payment cannot be delayed – we can put a request to the SPV for a maximum delay of 15 days but will have to pay penalty.


No, there will not be any demarcation given to them in the sale agreement. The Investor will be investing in the Equity share capital of the company and the Compulsory Convertible Debentures issued by the SPV.


Yes, the agreement cannot be registered in joint names.


  1. Go to "Sales > Create Fraction Booking".
  2. Fill client details, Address proof and PAN Card.
  3. Select size of the property (minimum is 138 sq ft).
  4. Select Payment mode as Online to create fresh link of 1 Lac.
  5. Client will get an email to pay on the link or you can copy and send the link.
  6. Once payment is done, the client will auto get mail from Digio to sign EOI
  7. You can check, all you and your team bookings, payment status and EOI sign status at "Sales > Fraction Booking List".


No. Loan cannot be availed on this investment opportunity.


The period for Assured Return is 2.5 Years.


The Tenant is Concentrix occupying all the 3 Floors (8th, 9th & 10th)


The Unutilized FSI is 1,26,321 Sq. Ft. and proportionately for every 138 Sq. Ft. Investors will get additional 35 Sq. Ft. approx as the share of SPV.

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